Workshops (NEW)



All Genres: Poetry, Short Story, Novel, Memoir

TIME:  10:00-2:00.
PLACE: To be held at the Taos Library – Pending
In his landmark essay, In Defense of the Word, Eduardo Galeano writes: “We are what we do, especially what we do to change what we are…a literature born in the process of crisis and change, and deeply immersed in the risks and events of its time, can indeed help to create the symbols of the new reality, and perhaps—if talent and courage are not lacking—throw light on the signs along the road…to claim that literature on its own is going to change reality would be an act of madness or arrogance…it seems…no less foolish to deny that it can aid in making change.”

Reading Deeply/Writing Deeply/Revising Deeply

We will read selections of “A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain” stories by Robert Olen Butler;
Selections from “The Blessing” a memoir by poet Gregory Orr;

Selections from a play by Aeschylus, and poems by Pablo Neruda. Materials will be supplied.

We will look at three forms: The Short story,  The Memoir, and Poetry. The workshop will discuss in depth our impressions, examine content, technique and craft, and then we will write!!!

Revising will be an integral part of the process of these intensives.

Toni Morrison once said, to paraphrase: The writing is in the revision.  Revision is where our work can begin to rise from the pool from which we write into the light — the prose or the poem will show its own “desire” — what happens when themes develop, and the original becomes heightened, tightened, and clean.

Please feel free to bring work you’ve already written, or to begin new work, with the aim of revision.  This is an intensive, so bring food, water, and your pads and pens.  Or computers.

Veronica Golos won the 16th annual Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize (Story Line Press) for her book, A Bell Buried Deep (to be re-issued by Red Hen Press), and is the author of the soon-to-be-released Vocabulary of Silence (Red Hen Press). An award-winning curator and teacher for Poets & Writers, Poet’s House and 92nd St Y/Makor in New York City, Ms. Golos’ work has been published and anthologized nationally and internationally, and adapted for theatrical productions in New York City’s Theatre Row, and the Claremont Theological Seminary in California. Ms. Golos has taught memoir, poetry and creative writing for twenty years, both in New York, and Taos.

To Register for the Workshop email:

Fee:  $125 for the four hour – three-week session, plus $10 materials fee. Total: $135

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