A Bell Buried Deep

A Bell Buried Deep Cover

A BELL BURIED DEEP (Story Line Press) was the co-winner of the 16th Annual Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize. It was nominated for a 2004 Pushcart Prize by Edward Hirsch.

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A BELL BURIED DEEP is a confluence of three sacred  streams:  the sensuous body which is ours and the world’s, the passion for justice which craves to undo the oppressions and cruelties we inherit from the past, and the spiritual imagination that is able to generate hope.  Veronica Golos knows that history is only myth by another name, and that it repeats itself until we change it.  Her poetry is lucid, alive, with the specifics of intellectual and emotional experience, and resonant as a bell.

–Alicia Ostriker, poet and author of Stealing the Language and Dancing at the Devil’s Party

“These poems, tender and jolting, wind from the throats of every woman.  They are concise and lyrical, simply stunning, and no one who reads these painful, liberating musings will close this volume unchanged.  Veronica Golos, whose body of work shines with quiet brilliance, crafts these dual voices with unapologetic strength and unflinching focus.  She shies away from nothing.  The bell is buried deep, in that wild, mysterious place where the true soul resides–but its ring is resonant and earth-shaking.”

–Patricia Smith, poet and co-author of Africans in America

A BELL BURIED DEEP buries itself within us.  The poems in this powerful collection are mirrors, showing us that there is ‘more to this world than what (we) know’; how ‘we are used–but also shape ourselves to use.’  Between history and our hearts the poems tell us of the ‘ululation of war rising into sky’ and how we survive is to love with a ‘tongue full of grief.’ Ms. Golos’ re-envisioned biblical voices of Sa’rai and Ha’gar, and those of slavery’s Sarah and Harriet and their descendents, lead us finally to a refuge, to Life, ‘al Hayat…a soft drum.'”

–Nathalie Handal, poet and editor of The Poetry of Arab Women: A Contemporary Anthology


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